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There are many question related to this like, how is csgo still the number 1 game played on steam? Why do gamers prefer playing csgo? Where can I find a good csgo account? The answers to these questions are really simple.

How is csgo still the number 1 game played on steam?

In May 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) reached more 1.2 million concurrent players on Steam. On an average 662,052 players on steam play CSGO. These numbers are quite high as compared to other games. This happened due to the Coronavirus pandemic which was spread throughout the world. Due to which a strict lockdown was made in many countries which led to an increase in playing video games. Gamers have been playing this game from the 90’s when counter strike 1.6 was released. This is the 1st fps shooter game which became quite famous. The most favourite part is that this game can be played online with your friends. CSGO is the fourth game in the release of counter strike series.

Why do Gamers prefer playing CSGO?

Despite the fact that CSGO was released eight years ago in August 2012, the game is still very popular online and has developed a cult following. Millions of csgo users have fun while playing with their friends and more of them have fun while watching the official csgo tournaments. The MAJOR championships like ESL ONE, Star ladder, Faceit, IEM, ELEAGUE have a prize pool of more than 2 million dollars. CSGO is not only a competitive game but also a fun to play game. You can play workshop maps with your friends. CSGO allows you to play and build maps in the steam workshop. 

Where can I find a good csgo account?

Well there are many csgo account selling sites out there. Some of them are legit and some of them are fake, they just want to scam you. We at getacsgosmurf make sure that we deliver your csgo account to your email address instantly after we receive your payment. We provide csgo accounts with the first email id. Paypal, Stripe are the secure payment gateway methods which we provide. We also have payop which accepts more than 300 payment gateways. It also supports your local banks. Don’t worry while paying for your csgo smurf account as your credentials are safe with you.


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